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“The thing I had issue with was the weight stuff because there was a lot of ‘Tara’s fat’ kind of stuff.  And I’m like, I’m not fat but I am curvy.  And I’m not 5 feet tall and I weigh what a normal girl weighs.  Like everybody else on the show is very petite.  They’re all 5 feet tall and they’re in heels so they look tall but they’re not.  I’m 5’4”.  Before Michelle Trachtenberg, I was the tallest girl.  So there was a lot of hatred.  And I was like, my god.  First of all, who gives a crap?  Do you know what I mean?  Really, people?  You’re gonna obsess over my boobs?  I mean, if you’re not obsessing over my boobs because you think they’re sexy then fuck you.  Like I’m down with that. You wanna talk about how hot you think my boobs are?  Fine, but don’t talk about my boobs being too big and how I’m too fat or whatever.”

..How can her boobs be too big?

People like her are helping me except my curvy body. All my friends are short and skinny and I always felt out of place Now Im finally proud to be 5’9”, 160 lbs and rocking my big big boobs ;)